A Letter to Reno

“Well we came back to here last Thursday afternoon and will leave here Monday A.M. for Death Valley. We are having just one wonderful time. And lovely weather. Wouldn’t mind living here all the time.

We’re going to church this A.M. Then after that you can guess.”


– Mattie



What did the “biggest little city in the world” mean when this postcard was sent? I imagine, a big city feel, in a small community. It’s an optimistic mantra. It’s an agreement that everyone made to their neighbor, to always be open-minded and thinking bigger then one’s self. It’s quietly rebellious. A bit misunderstood. But with that, a secret known only to those who have experienced it.

Let the others talk. This city doesn’t need to boast, or draw attention to itself, only be more honest, more authentic and more confident in it’s self. Stand up, dust off and get back to it. The reward comes to those who live and visit here.

Think “bigger” again Reno.

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